Our mission

Our mission with Rotor is to provide a complete authoring and publishing solution to individual content creators, solo-bloggers or small teams that was up until now, completely out of reach to that market segment because most existing solutions are prohibitively expensive and geared towards larger teams.


The team is based in the EU and all user data is hosted in the EU as well. We are completely independent, self-funded and bootstrapped and our goal is to grow a sustainable project funded solely by subscription fees.


We are currently not interested in raising funds or taking investment. Not from individuals, not from institutions and not from venture capitalists.

Our general stance on privacy

  • We minimize any data collection in general and whatever we do track is kept fully secured, encrypted and hosted on a server in the European Union to ensure it is being covered by the strict laws on data privacy
  • We do not track people across their devices. All data is isolated to a single device only. There is no way to know whether the same person visits a site from more than one device
  • We do not share or send data to any advertising companies or any other third-parties in general. The data is not monetized, mined and harvested for personal and behavioral trends. The website owner completely owns and controls the data from their website

Read more on that here.


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