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Rotor is the authoring and publishing solution for individual content creators, solo-bloggers and small teams. Write great content in a single place, and publish to multiple channels using customizable, reusable distribution profiles.

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Why choose Rotor?

Centralized Editing

Create beautiful responsive stories rapidly using our Medium-inspired editor without any design or developer skills.

Streamlined Publishing

Say goodbye to multiple, decentralized publishing workflows and do it all in one place with a single click.

Publish everywhere

Publish to major blogging platforms such as Wordpress and Medium, Social Media and even niche channels.


How much does the service cost?

Rotor ist currently under active development. All functionality can be used free of charge during development and testing.

Who is Rotor for?

Anyone who values their time and dislikes repetitive tasks. Copy and pasting content to a half dozen different content editors for publishing is repetitive, boring and error-prone. Rotor completely automates this process after the initial setup.

Where can I leave feedback?

Just contact us on Twitter or write us an Email. No message will be left unanswered.

Could you keep me posted on the project's progress?

Feel free to sign up for our Low Frequency Newsletter to receive updates on development progress and go-live.

Where is my data stored?

All of your data is stored in datacenters located in the European Union (EU).


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